Piranha Premium



Piranha Premium

  • The Piranha Premium Kit is a convenient and cost effective way to purchase a complete RTI QA package. Containing some of the most practical RTI tools, the Piranha Premium Kit saves both money and time with efficient pricing and thoughtful packaging.Realizing that all users are not the same, the Premium Kit is available in 6 variations. Starting with the Piranha multi-meter, each Kit includes a Piranha Dose Probe, Light Probe and CT Profiler or CT Ion Chamber & Chamber Adapter.

    Your own choice of mAs-meter (invasive or non-invasive) and how you would like to collect the values – PC, tablet or handheld computer. The Premium Kit includes a robust carrying case with cut-outs for each item included, space for a T-20, and can be upgradable to an Out Door Case.




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