RTI Loni Mover



Sweep or Step
The new RTI LoniMover™ system is your best option to get accurate results every time in CT dosimetry, quality assurance and R&D. Do you want to measure the full dose profile of wide beam CTs? Use the Sweep mode at selectable speed to measure all relevant CT dose parameters, geometric efficiency and true FWHM in one exposure.

Or use the Step mode with pre-defined step lengths to ensure high reproducibility. With the new RTI LoniMover™ you can always be sure of time and space precision, and accurate and easily reproducible measurements.

Keep your standards up
Making measurements according to the IEC standard has never been easier. With the accompanying LoniCT software (Windows) you can configure different parameters for the two modes.
In combination with RTI CT Dose Profiler LoniMover™ offers users a simple, accurate and repeatable procedure for FWHM, geometric efficiency and CTDI free-air.

Your LoniMover™ can also be fitted with a Pencil Ion Chamber offering a simple procedure for CTDI measurements for broad CT collimations according to IEC 3.1*.

The new RTI LoniMover™ – when you want to

  • Monitor collimation and over-beaming
  • Simulate a spiral scan for collimations that can’t do spirals
  • Adjust the range of the sweep
  • Adjust the speed of the sweep
  • Adjust the timing of sweep start
  • Adjust the timing of measurement start (if integrated)
  • Get parameters to use in your measuring system
  • Join multiple measurements with an integrating chamber and simulate a longer chamber
  • Use predefined positions according to standards
  • Adjust the centering point on your chamber to get longer range (asymmetric)

To make the procedure even easier, LoniCT integrates with RTI Ocean and can trigger the measurement perfectly timed with the movement and exposure.

* IEC 60601-2-44 Ed. 3:A1

Art. No 9730030-00


Range up to 300 mm
Speed 50-200 mm/s
Speed accuracy Better than 0.2%
Position accuracy Better than 0.1 mm
Communication USB 2.0 and Bluetooth®
Software platform Windows
Dimensions (L x W x H) 410 x 48 x 70 mm
Weight 850g
Force <20 N
Power 12 VDC, 5 W (6 W peak)
Storage temperature -20°c-50°c/0°F-120°F
Operating temperature Normal indoor conditions



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